Foam Innovators

We Make Boring Products Better

Trego Innovations is your manufacturing source for structural foam packaging products delivering value through cost savings and enhanced performance

Introducing the Trego FOAM Edge Protector

Benefits of Trego Edge Protectors

Trego edge protectors are:

  • REUSABLE for you and your customer
  • WEATHER RESISTANT allowing for outdoor storage and transport
  • FRACTION OF THE WEIGHT reducing freight and transportation cost

Our edge protectors are made from a unique co-polymer foam that simulates wood with a lightweight, rigid foam product.

Our Philosophy

Trego products are developed with a specific customer challenge or solution in mind. Our products may not be exciting, but that’s how we like it.  We make boring products better, bringing cost savings and superior performance to our customers.

Used Across a Diverse Customer Base


Food & Beverage

Appliances & Electronics


Building Products

Warehouse & Shipping

Our edge protectors are used to strengthen pallet stability, protect products from strap and wrap damage, and enhance cardboard box integrity to name a few.

Trego products are used across a variety of industries. Click on the button below for more details about our products.

We Bring Decades Of Foam Extrusion Experience To Improve Packaging Products

Trego Innovations was started in 2020, spinning out from a leading foam manufacturer, to provide a focus of developing cost effective packaging products.

Trego’s philosophy is simple. We are not innovators for the sake of innovating. Each product is developed with a specific customer solution in mind providing value through enhanced performance and pricing.