Foam Innovators

We Make Boring Products Better

Trego Innovations is your manufacturing source for structural foam packaging products delivering value through cost savings and enhanced performance

Why Trego Innovations

We are not innovators for the sake of innovating. Our products are developed with a specific customer solution in mind.

We work to save you money and provide better performing products.

Our Approach

Our approach to delivering value starts day 1 with pricing. We like to work directly with our customers and pass through the cost savings.

Long-term value is created by our product performance.  Our products simulate wood with a light weight, plastic foam offering. Learn how we’ve saved our customers money.

Our Applications

Our foam packaging products are used across a diverse customer base from building product and furniture manufacturers to agricultural and warehouse & shipping companies.  

Customers use our products due to price and superior performance (reusable, weather resistant and strength to name a few).

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We’re always excited to talk with new customers and discuss how Trego products can save you money