TreRun Foam Runners

A new, lightweight runner made from high-density structural foam offers improved durability and handling

TreRun Foam Runners

Our TreRun foam runners add VALUE to you through:

  • EXCEPTIONAL STRENGTH: TreRun can support up to 72,000 pounds, or the weight of ten pick-up trucks
  • IMPROVED HANDLING: Made from non-absorbent foam material, our runner is stronger, lighter and easier to handle than wood. It never splinters, molds or rots and is not prone to cracking or warping
  • FULL CUSTOMIZATION: Trego runners are designed to fit your specifications including foam density and length
  • SMART AND VERSATILE: 100% recyclable, our runners offer a new way to transport sheet metal, glass, plastic and lumber materials

See how our runners stack up against the Competition.

Mold Resistant?YesNo
Splinter Resistant?YesNo
Rot Resistant?YesNo
Water Resistant?YesNo
Warp Resistant?YesNo