9 Best Dog Breeds That Help With Anxiety

Man's best friend is an age-old phrase for many reasons. Just as recent research has confirmed that relationships are the single-biggest contributor to happiness  

That's true especially for dogs. "Science has shown that petting dogs helps to reduce cortisol levels, the 'stress hormone' and simply interacting with dogs can increase oxytocin levels 

the same hormone associated with feelings of love," explains Annette Louviere, DVM, Data and Veterinary Genetics Manager at Wisdom Panel. 

Dogs can help their owners deal with both the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety, says Nicole Ellis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Pet Lifestyle Expert with Rover. 

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When you have a panic or anxiety attack, certain changes happen in your body, like a rapid heartbeat, hyperventilating, and tensing your muscles 

Bigger dogs can also be used for "deep pressure therapy" by laying on top of you and triggering your body's automatic calming respons 

– Energy: Dogs with lower energy levels can be soothing while dogs with higher energy levels can be good companions for people who exercise to deal with their anxiety

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