Cutest Cat Breeds You'll Want to Impulse Adopt

Cats tend to be particular about who earns their affection, but they become a loving, loyal companion for life once they choose you.  

While all felines are alluring, regal creatures, some are considered more fetching than others. With everything from unique markings and coats to charming personalities 

One of the fastest domesticated cats, the Egyptian Mau has a striking, spotted coat in silver, bronze or smoke. 

Also known for their extraordinary sense of smell, hearing and sight, these felines are understandably sensitive to loud noises.  

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American Curls are adorable kitties born with straight ears that curl back as they get older. With an incredibly loving disposition, this breed thrives on human interaction and will follow you everywhere you go 

Originally from Scandinavia, the Norwegian Forest Cat was a favorite feline on Viking ships for its ability to keep down the rodent population 

Although they are not considered lap cats, the Norwegian Forest Cat has a calm temperament, making them good pets for families with children and other pets. 

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