Four Zodiacs Romanticize Childhood

ARIES Aries approaches childhood like Ares. Family members are glorified and mythologized. Aries' identity contrasts Titans'

Aries defects are genetic. Family traditions are Aries' assets. Their stature, viewpoint, and ethics come from the same family, and an epic ruler measures everything.

LEO Leo sees the past through rose-colored glasses. Even as adults, wiser, and more discerning, they still see everything as a wholesome

They recall their best friends but not their childhood bullies. Neighborhood adults led school boards and churches, not gossiped or formed cliques

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LIBRA Libra romanticizes childhood Dickensian-style. Everyone is an angel, villain, or caricature. People remain consistent. The good stays good, the bad stays awful. Bob Cratchits are admired, Mr. Bumbles a

The Mr. Micawbers provide comic relief and somehow fix the unfairness of being a child.

SCORPIO Scorpios romanticize childhood through appreciation. Every family member, teacher, neighbor, teammate, friend, and classmate gave them precious memories. 

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