Homemade versions of popular ballpark snacks 

Bat, ball! Now that baseball season has begun, we want to watch each of our team's 162 scheduled games.  

Now that spectators are permitted back into the stadium, we're planning on going to a few games, and we encourage you to do the same!  

It's common practice for stadiums to only provide pre-opened bags of peanuts. 

However, boiled peanuts are available at many southern stadiums (shout out to SEC college baseball teams!). 

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She Wears Many Hats has a recipe for peanuts that you could like if you're willing to get used to the flavor. 

At the ballpark (and occasionally in restaurants), we always get a big tray or basket of chicken fingers. 

In fact, the most challenging component is deciding on a sauce to dip it in. 

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