Hot and Comforting Desserts You Can "Bake" in a Slow Cooker 

In this variation, the familiar tastes of banana bread are folded into a light and airy bread pudding.  

If you're tired of apple cobbler, try this peach variation instead.  

Canned peaches work just well in place of fresh ones when the stone fruit is out of season.  

With only five ingredients, this dish is ready to go in the crockpot with little in the way of prepping.  

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With the sticky glaze and biscuits prepared ahead of time, this crockpot monkey bread is full of cinnamon flavor. 

Simply combine the three ingredients in a slow cooker and set the timer for a few hours to have a delicious cherry cake.  

t's so simple that you could feel compelled to prepare it every day. 

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