How Every Star Sign Declares Its Love for You 

ARIES  Aries, ever the attention whore, will locate the nearest thing to jump on top of and do a classic Piper Perabo (or Seth Cohen, as it is more well known). 

They can't wait for you to notice them, so they come out and express your sentiments in front of a group of people, challenging anyone who would try to steal your thunder.  

TAURUS  Tauruses spoil you. Instead of pampering themselves, they'll make sure you have the greatest food, wine, and gifts.

When they're willing to "rough it" with you at your favorite dive bar or speak up about their thoughts and troubles, they've fallen. 

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GEMINI  A Gemini will tell you what they need, fit you into their busy schedule, and be honest about their moods and feelings.  

To include you, they will share their life. 

You know it's love when they feel secure enough to allow you anticipate their wants and use intuition to comprehend their sentiments.  

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