Key Mistakes New Dog Owners Make

There are many thrilling feelings when you first get a dog. The pleasure of finding the ideal dog can make you forget that pet ownership means more than slobbery kisses every morning. 

Beyond being petted and fed, dogs have several requirements. Unfortunately, you can develop bad behaviors that will make life harder for you and your new pet.

With a little research and dedication, you can avoid many first-time dog owner blunders.

Remember that every dog has different needs, but if you follow these general rules, you and your pet can enjoy years of loving, playful bliss

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Eye contact with an attractive dog is hard to resist. For good reason, puppy eyes are strong.

But before you start your puppy hunt, learn about all the breeds and their needs. Dogs have been bred for several uses over time.

Don't Let Them Rule It's hard to say “No” to a large set of doe-eyes and floppy ears, but your dog needs rules and expectations.

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