Moody, Autumnal Manicure Ideas for October 

Now that October has arrived (where has the time gone?! ) 

you might be searching for the ideal melancholy mani to sport in honor of the scary season.  

Instead, you can anticipate a wide range of earthy neutrals, bold black-and-whites, spooky purples, and more. 

Negative space nail designs like squiggles and swirls have been trending all year.  

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You may make them feel more at home in the fall season by purchasing them in colors like chocolate brown and spruce green. 

Since October is the first full month of autumn, it is the ideal time to fully commit to the season's traditional muted tones and earthy tones.  

An abstract take on stripes yields a one-of-a-kind manicure, as displayed here. 

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