zodiacs having a Hard October 2023

Aries Aries, you're impatient and want results fast. Not achieving your goals immediately makes you feel like a failure. 

Cancer Cancer, it's normal to worry for loved ones. But you can't do what they want forever. Consider your needs. You're probably stressed because of others,

Virgo Virgo, you feel that you have to cure everything in the world, which is too much burden for one person. You must understand that sometimes you

Scorpio Scorpio, you expect the worse since you're pessimistic. Your negative outlook is holding you back. It's trapping you and making you feel bad even 

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Aquarius Aquarius, you're always busy. You run a million miles an hour to fit a thousand things into your calendar. A day only has 24 hours

Pisces Pisces, you're generally cheery, yet you're stressed out. That’s OK. If you're not happy, don't pretend to be. Be honest about your feelings 

 and share them with others. You can't always be fun. You're human, so you'll have bad days.

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