Next Life Chapter Expectations for Each Zodiac

Aries Your card: Ace of WandsAries, you're inherently passionate, and your next life phase requires you to channel that energy and motivate you.

Taurus Your card: Reversed Three of Swords Taurus, you've been surrounded by negative energy, whether yours or others'. You may have had your heart crushed and been working to rebuild it

Gemini Queen of Pentacles, your card Gemini, you work hard—sometimes too hard. But the good news is that everything you've worked for is coming true

Cancer Nine of Wands, your card The next stage of your life will test your resilience, Cancer. That sounds intimidating, but standing up for yourself and others and getting

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Leo, your card is Six of Cups. Leo, your future chapter may involve revisiting past ones. The goal is to reconnect with an old acquaintance (or flame), your hometown

Virgo Your card: Page of Wands Don't be afraid of the new energy, Virgo. You may not like leaving your comfort zone, but there are new opportunities and life-changing potential if you only take the plunge.

Libra Your card: Reversed Three of Cups Libra is a social butterfly, but this new chapter requires you to focus on yourself. While having a community is fantastic, you should also foster the independence you need to face the world alone.

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