Past Life Who Were You? Hints from Your Zodiac 

Astrologers usually believe in reincarnation. You can learn about your prior life by studying your zodiac sign 

Army Leader Aries  Aries, your leadership skills, fearlessness, and willpower would have made you a great army leader who were crucial in combat.  

However, if you had controlled your rage and impulsivity, your leadership talents and intelligence could have made you a world ruler.  

Taurus —Artist Taurus, you were probably ambitious, creative, and governed by Aries in your prior life.  

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You were probably an artist many moons ago since these traits helped you create beauty in the world. 

Celebrity Gemini  Gemini, one of the most gregarious signs, may have worked in show industry in a prior life.  

Geminis attract others with their creativity, energy, and intelligence.  

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