Relationship Forecast for October 9-15, 2023 

Allow the words of Margaret Drabble to permeate your soul as a new week approaches: 

Eclipses have a mysterious force that can help you integrate with your true destiny and go ahead in time.  

There will soon be a change in leadership when one eclipse cycle comes to a close and another begins.  

Beginning on April 21, 2023, the first eclipse of the new cycle set in motion a chain reaction that will affect your life all the way until 2025. 

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Relationships benefit greatly from the Aries Libra axis since it emphasizes the importance of both individuals and the cooperation formed within a couple. 

But it also requires you to check that you are speaking and acting from your truth, and not just trying to appease others.  

Your life and relationship are changing more as Pluto stations straight and approaches Aquarius for its new period. 

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