When it comes to burgers, what's the 5-6-7 rule? 

Juicy, medium-rare hamburgers are wonderful but difficult to cook.  

Without cutting into a burger, you can feel it with your finger or poke it with a knife or skewer to check the fluid.  

However, there's an easy guide that doesn't involve any manipulation:  

To get a perfect burger every time, measure the grill time for patties of the same size (½ inch in the middle, ¾ inch on the sides). 

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Medium-rare burgers take 5 minutes per side, medium 6 minutes, and medium-well 7 minutes. Simple as that. 

Patty size and grill temperature might affect meat cooking speed, therefore use an accurate meat thermometer. 

Center temperature of a medium-rare burger is 130-135 degrees Fahrenheit, medium is 140-145 degrees, and medium-well is 150-155 degrees. 

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