World's Loyalest Dog Breeds

Australian Shepherds Are Hardworking Companions While Australian shepherds aren't the friendliest dogs, they make great teammates. The famed herding dog is smart and hardworking.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks Are Loyal Rhodesian Ridgebacks are friendly but not powerful in the wild. These dogs were raised in Africa to track lions and be loyal to their families

Samoyeds Love Teamwork These pure white fluff balls smile constantly for a reason. Sledding dogs have upward-facing mouth corners to prevent drool and icicles

These dogs are used to working together and will almost adopt you. That means they won't hesitate to misbehave if you don't command them. 

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Welsh Springer Spaniels Are Loyal. Welsh Springer Spaniels, one of Britain's oldest sporting breeds, thrive in all conditions due to their weatherproof coat

 Labrador Retrieve Friendly and social Labrador retrievers are known. These dogs will bond with their owners and family and be devoted.

Shiba Inus Will Protect Shibas are a recent US dog breed. In Japan, these dogs are popular. Their fox-like fur and style fit their robust personality.

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