Your Zodiac Sign's Avoidable City 

Aries  The so-called "City of the Rising Sun" is constantly buzzing with activity.  

You, too, need time to yourself to rest and rejuvenate at the end of each workday.  

Taurus  Taurus Svalbard, Norway's pristine Arctic scenery and stunning Northern Lights are undeniably captivating. 

Taurus, this remote and icy land may not be the best place for you to settle down due to its harsh and lonely character.  

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You, Taurus, would definitely feel uncomfortable in a setting without the amenities you're used to. 

Gemini  Missoula, Montana has beautiful scenery but few places to congregate with others.  

Big Sky Country's peacefulness may be the stuff of dreams for some, but you're the type of person that does better in a dynamic, social environment. 

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