What Not to Focus On When Finding Your Soulmate 

Taurus  No one can read your mind, so you should definitely start really telling them why you’re upset. 

Gemini It isn’t other people’s obligation to entertain you while you’re feeling bored. 

Cancer  Not everyone will express their emotions in the same way that you do, but that doesn't make them any less genuine or significant. 

Leo  If you do nothing to improve the situation, it will only get better on its own. 

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Scorpio  Not even if you think your pals would still be there for you if you were to act like a jerk every once in a while.  

Sagittarius  It's acceptable to want recognition, but not at the price of others around you.  

Aquarius  Read the room before you speak; not everyone like being told they're wrong, even if it is a minor error. 

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